quarta-feira, 23 de abril de 2008

To the extreme

Talk about awesome characters:

Frankly, his game just sucks. But the sheer awesomeness of all things Segata Sanshiro is so grand you can't ignore it. It's the kind of insanity and story of success that could be only conceived in Japan. Watch it, love it, spread it. I'll try to upload the Sega Saturn commercials I have here to you tube, they're seriously hilarious (and quite disturbing).

While we're in the topic: hey Sega, how about making some GOOD games for a change? Sonic Unleashed seems like a promise, but I'm still not convinced. A new Jet Set Radio? Panzer Dragoon? Dragon Force? Altered Beast? Galaxy Force? Burning Rangers?

You used to be awesome. Not anymore.
This makes me sad panda.

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